Thursday, February 13, 2020

Storage Unit Serenade 2

As soon as I posted last week's video (the first in a hopefully eternal segment), Big posted it on Facebook and Twitter.  But he's just trying to help me, I dunno, develop the thick skin that I should have grown when I was around fifteen or so.  In a way, he's being a friend to me.

I, however, am NOT a friend to you, so here's the second one of these in the second week.  Every time I go to the storage unit, I plan to record one.  I don't know how much people like or hate these things, but so far, I'm just doing parts of songs.  I may graduate to full songs, if I can ever find the guts.

Once again, you don't HAVE to watch it . . .

Let me keep a running tally (just for fun):
Pre-Eighties Songs: 1
Eighties Songs:
Nineties Songs:
Aughts Songs:
Teens Songs: 1

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