Monday, December 30, 2019

The Twilight Groan 1: Introduction & Legacy

Hey there, kids.  My niece often asks me about the stories I'm writing, and she used to provide a voice here or there for my podcast.  But recently, I asked her if she'd like to do a podcast with me, where we talk about a topic we have in common.

She was agreeable, and we decided it would be on the original "Twilight Zone" television series.

So, as the TZ celebrates its sixtieth anniversary, Cathexis and I are presenting our new podcast, The Twilight Groan.  In this episode, we talk briefly about the show and its legacy, and hopefully open the door for many more conversations in the future.

So, which episodes of TTZ should we review first?  Next up will be "To Serve Man."

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

(The Rest of) "Most Feared In The Galaxy" On Delusions of Grandeur

Marshal Latham was quick to post the second half of my Star Wars-related story, "The Most Feared In The Galaxy," and the two of us managed to talk about three more episodes of "The Mandalorian" before THE RISE OF SKYWALKER came out.

I don't know if I'll write a follow-up to this story.  I do have an idea about how a sequel would end, but I don't imagine I'll put forth the effort (I've got soooo many projects either in mind or in mid-stream right now) unless people demand it.

Even so, I'm happy with this little tale, and if you want to hear it, with Marshal himself voicing droid 0-KE, then check it out HERE.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Rish Outcast 159: Choice of a Sidekick

Happy Christmas, Ron.

This was last year's holiday episode, which I was unable to get out there in time.

In it, I'm presenting the Benny Parks prequel story "Choice of a Sidekick," but be warned, the sound quality is decidedly un-Christmasy.

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Logo by Gino "He Chose . . . Poorly" Moretto.

Music was "Americana" (of course) by Kevin McLeod of

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Christmas Collection, or Collections?

So, today I finished my 2019 Christmas story (and more than a week early to boot!), which I'm calling "The Many Faces of Christmas Eve."  It is my attempt to write an amusing holiday story, though (circumstances being what they are with me right now), there's also a pathetic attempt at romance in there as well.

But it made me think about the various X-mas stories I've written over the years.  The first one I can remember was from 1990 ("Santa and the Brats"), and I've done several since then.  I thought I might be able to put some of them out there in a collection.  Or collections.

I was considering releasing a four or five story set of 'em named after a line of a Christmas carol, and discovered I had enough for two volumes, if I did it that way.

Should I do that, put out a small collection now and another small one in a few months/years?  Or should I put out a big arse collection (eventually) with eight to ten stories in it?

Friday, December 20, 2019

I Narrate "Cosmetic Procedures" on Cast of Wonders

I was pleased to get an email today from Cast of Wonders, the YA Fantasy podcast.  Apparently, they've chosen one of my readings for an "Encore" performance, this week's episode.

So, I produced a reading of "Cosmetic Procedures" by Desmond Warzel years ago (2013).  It's a story of a private investigator hired to check out a man's wife who, after becoming involved with a makeup company, has been acting strangely.

Fun stuff.  Desmond's a fine writer, as I aspire to be.

Anyway, if you don't remember the story all that well, check it out HERE.  Heck, even if you remember it well, feel free to give it another listen.*


*If only to catch the familiar "Oh, hell no!" of the Dunesteef's Mildly Offensive Guest Star.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Rish Outcast 158: The Most Feared In The Galaxy

I deliberated quite a bit about whether to put this out as an episode or not.  But I must not have deliberated enough, because here it is.

In this show, I present my Star Wars-related short story "The Most Feared in the Galaxy."  Then I talk about whether I should have or not.

Apologies, in advance, to Marshal and Abbie.

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Cover by Gino "Most Sheared" Moretto.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

True(?) Ghost Encounter

I was taking some photos of Star Wars figures today, and when I got them developed (ie, when I transferred them to my computer), I discovered something really disturbing.

In several of the pictures, there was a subtle, but very distinguishable, "human" face visible.

Here, I'll let you be the judge.

Nothing in this one, right?
Well, how about this one?

See, there seems to be a frightening, perhaps malevolent face in the right section of the picture.  Oh, it's subtle, but it's there.

How about this one?

This CAN'T just be my imagination, can it?

I looked through the rest . . . and there were more, like this one:

It's not shadows or a trick of the light, but a truly ghastly visage.

It's even clearer in this picture:

Horrific.  The kind of face no one could possibly love, according to Tobin's Spirit Guide.

Check this one out.

Yeah, it chills my blood to even contemplate this.

I don't know who I need to talk to about this, but not to crib too much from the Monkees, but consider me a believer.

Rish "Ghost Pointer" Outfield

Monday, December 09, 2019

R.I.P. Rene Aberjounes

"Star Trek," "Benson," "Boston Legal" and LITTLE MERMAID actor Rene Aberjounes died this week.  He was seventy-nine . . . which is actually a pretty good run.

Even so, it's sad when an actor you're fond of passes away.  I mostly knew him as Odo on "Deep Space Nine," and I have to say that his performance, under that alien makeup, always impressed me.  But more than his face, it was his voice that really worked.  I pretty much do my Odo impression whenever I voice Tellarite Commander Gant over on "Star Trek: Outpost."  Just with a bit more snorting (and the occasional squeal).

He wasn't a typical handsome leading man type, and almost always played pompous buffoons, or at least stodgy, humorless characters.  But there was a warmth that came through, from time to time.

The above picture was taken at the opening of the Star Trek: Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada in early (I wanna say January) 1998.  Even though I look about twelve (and in the midst of that awkward age), I was actually of driving age (and technically, drinking age).  Speaking of drinking, Aberjounes was pretty tired and tipsy after whatever fun activities they'd had the night before the opening, but was still kind enough to pose in a picture with me.

At the time, I was less familiar with the actor, so when I saw him, I said, "Rene, can I get a picture with you?"  Afterward, my buddy John said, "Wow, you called him by his first name, like you knew him!"  In actuality, I had no idea how to pronounce his last name.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Rish Outcast 157: What I Most Despise

Oh, it's another one of these.

In this episode, I share--overshare, between you and me--a couple of recent experiences where I became . . . what I most despise.

You know the feeling, don't lie.

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Logo by Gino "What I Most Revise" Moretto.

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Friday, December 06, 2019

(Half of) My Story "Most Feared In The Galaxy" On Delusions of Grandeur

In the latest episode of our Star Wars podcast, Marshal Latham and I talk about the first three episodes of "The Mandalorian."  It probably won't surprise you to hear that we liked it.

Afterward, I share the first half or so of my RETURN OF THE JEDI-era story "Most Feared In The Galaxy."  It's a pretty short tale, but the episode is not, so I've split it into two small segments.  You know, I've never dared put these stories up for sale, so really, this is the only way to hear them.*

We'll be running the second half in the episode where we talk about the next "Mandalorian" episodes.

Check it out HERE.

Rish "Least Feared" Outfield

*"Or is it?"  he asked, considering running the story on an Outcast episode.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

I Narrate "Deep Water" On StarShipSofa

Know that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an age when Big Anklevich and I were young, wide-eyed podcasters, and we did a few readings for StarShipSofa, the Audio Science Fiction Magazine.  This was one of the big boys, producing works from top-notch writers, and winning a Hugo Award as Best Fanzine.

They went on to many great things, but their greatest impact on me was introducing us to Jason Sanford, who enjoyed our reading of "When Thorns Are The Tips Of Trees" enough to let us start doing his stories on the Dunesteef.*

But many years have passed since we worked with StarShipSofa, and those days, like being a regular podcast, are long behind us.  Except for a month ago, when new editor (and holder of the answer to the Riddle of Steel) Gary Dowell sent me an email and asked if I'd like to do a story for them.  Of course I said yes . . . and now you can hear me perform "Deep Water" by Steven Fischer.

It's a short piece, about a man attempting a rescue mission in a spacecraft damaged by an asteroid collision.  Check it out at THIS LINK.

We shall see if more stories come my way.  If so, then let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

*There's still one more Sanford story out there that I think about from time to time, and in a moment of ambition, I will produce it for the show.