Monday, November 23, 2015

Rish Outcast 30: Unconventional

So, in the summer, I recorded a bunch of episodes of my solo podcast, knowing that later in the year, I'd be too busy to record any.  What I didn't realize was, when that time came, I'd be too busy to post the episodes.  Whoops.

So, here is the first half* of "Unconventional," a story I was inspired to write after taking my nephew to his first comic book convention.  Sadly, I asked him this week if he's excited to go to next year's convention with me, and he said, "Nahh."  Time is cruel.

If ye'd like to download yon episode, Right-click THIS.


*Sorry for slicing it in two, but I'll get more of these shows out there if I do this with the stories.  Maybe I'll do a Patreon one day, and it'll all make sense.