Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Babysitter of the Year 667

My nephew (the one year old) wanted a drink, so I got him a little cup (apparently, it's called a "sippy cup," though I feel a bit inane referring to it that way, similar to how I do when I catch myself saying "potty" instead of bathroom) of water.  I figured I'd only put a tiny bit of water in it, knowing he tends to spill if I give him too much. 

Then I left him alone, as I am wont to do (some folks never learn), but came back in when I heard a splash.

He had pushed a chair up to the fishtank, climbed up, and was using the cup to scoop water out to pour on himself, the chair, and the floor.  As I watched in mounting horror, he took a big drink of the fishwater.

I did not tell his mother.

But it could've been worse, right?  Could've been the toilet.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Babysitter of the Year Part 666

September 13, 2012

My sister got a new job this week, so I've been taking care of the monsters during the mornings.  The four year old just started preschool, so I dropped him off and was alone with the one year old.  We went out to eat at Wendy's, and I was impressed with his ability to actually eat the food placed before him, instead of make up excuses why he wouldn't eat. 
Unfortunately, once I got him home, I trusted him to just play without much supervision.  Almost immediately, the one year old somehow got hold of the food coloring, and thought it was .  . what, food?  Soda?  Poison?  I'm not sure, but he managed to get the lid off one (blue) when I saw him playing with something.  I did nothing for a minute or so, but when I looked in on him again, he had gotten the lid off the green, and poured it all over himself. 

He enjoyed my frantic attempts to clean it off his fingers, clothes, and face, but in trying to help, it got on my clothes, hands, the sink, bathtub, and floor.  The carpet has seen better days.

The only thing I did right was think to take a picture before attempting to remove it all.