Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Babysitter of the Year 667

My nephew (the one year old) wanted a drink, so I got him a little cup (apparently, it's called a "sippy cup," though I feel a bit inane referring to it that way, similar to how I do when I catch myself saying "potty" instead of bathroom) of water.  I figured I'd only put a tiny bit of water in it, knowing he tends to spill if I give him too much. 

Then I left him alone, as I am wont to do (some folks never learn), but came back in when I heard a splash.

He had pushed a chair up to the fishtank, climbed up, and was using the cup to scoop water out to pour on himself, the chair, and the floor.  As I watched in mounting horror, he took a big drink of the fishwater.

I did not tell his mother.

But it could've been worse, right?  Could've been the toilet.

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