Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Narrate "Angus MacBain and the Agate Eyeglass" on Audible

Not too long ago, I thought I'd try auditioning for a couple of new audiobooks.  I got the contract to do a . . . Middle Grade Fantasy book, I guess you'd call it.  Maybe it's even a Children's Book.  Angela Townsend has written a trilogy of these Angus MacBain adventures.  Somehow, I managed to narrate the middle one.

It tells the tale of young Angus, son of a human and a seal fairy, who goes on adventures in magical lands near Scotland.  In this story, his lass Vanora's father falls under a witch's spell, and the two friends set out to find a cure.  Danger ensues.

Will there be more?  Magic 8 Ball says "All signs point to yes."

If you feel like checking it out, here be yon linke

I'll update this if the first book falls into my lap.  After I put some ice on it, I mean.

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