Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Writing: February 13th & 14th

Hey, kids . . . it's the worst day of the year.  How is it treating you?

I saw this joke online yesterday:

It's sad when even your food has a Valentine's Day date and you don't.

It's funny 'cause it's true, right?

Eff Valentine's day.

Words Written: 1433
Total Words: 13,363

I went to the library today.  Really only spent an hour or so (and could have stayed longer, but I chose to take my sister's stepson to work instead).  I'm actually very close to the end on this.  Like, if I really wanted to, I could finish the story tomorrow.

I probably won't, though.

Words Written: 410
Total Words: 13,773

Didn't write much on this day, sort of out of protest.  Instead, I worked on my podcast, finished up the audio for a novelette I wrote (and will probably put on the Outcast sometime in summer), and recorded (and did a revision) of a short story that's already been podcast, but I figured could go in my next collection.  I briefly went out to the car and wrote a page in the notebook, just to say I did.

But under duress, you understand.

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