Monday, February 06, 2017

Dad Would Be Proud (/sarcasm)

So, I went to Big's the other day, and he had bought one of those cheap plastic Hasbro "Titan Hero" Hulkbuster Iron Man figures I see in the toy aisle all the time.  I've never considered getting one . . . they're just too shitty.  A big hunk of cheap plastic with a couple half-assed paint applications, and boom, Bob's your uncle, buy it.

But Big was talking about wanting to paint his kid's Iron Man so it didn't look quite so bad, and it reminded me of the custom paintjobs I used to do for fun in the days before starting that great time eater that rhymes with "poon-thief."  It seemed fun back then, so I thought I'd try it myself.  So I hit the store on the way home from Big's house and picked one up (they were on clearance, otherwise I might never have this "fun" story to tell).  I bought some cheap paints and gave it a go.*

Stage 2:

Anyway, whenever I listened to a podcast, or tried to get through a show on Netflix (usually takes me two or three sittings), I put a little paint on.  And not only did I find it tremendously relaxing (not that I have any reason to need relaxation), but I thought it came together really well.

Stage 3:

I discovered that, embedded in ultra-low-quality plastic was a really solid, and extraordinarily detailed sculpt.  All it needed was a little paint to make the texture come alive.


So, yeah, if my father had seen me do it, he would not have been pleased with the way I wasted my time.  But I could put this on a shelf and, I think, impress anybody with a Y-chromosome that came along and happened to notice it.

Unless they were a sports guy.  Then, no go.

Rish Outfield, Artist

*Big had also talked about people online that take the cheap figures (or not so cheap versions) and do detailed paintjobs, gold or white or black or just a better-looking red.  And the black one that sort of matches the "Marvel Now" Iron Man look from a year or two back really looked good, so that's what I picked.

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