Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Writing: February 11th & 12th

Amazingly, I saw that Big is up over six thousand words this month, which has to double his productivity in the whole YEAR of 2016.  That's an accomplishment, one much more significant than my own nine thousand words.

Words Written: 1087
Total Words:10,309

Went to another basketball game today (which pales compared to last Saturday's three games), and got a couple of pages written there, then a bit more at lunch.  Getting close here.

Words Written: 1621
Total Words: 11,930

I spent most of my free time on this day editing the podcast, and finishing up the audio for "Varcolac."  I did duck out to the car to write for twenty minutes or so while waiting for dinnertime.  Then, instead of what I intended to do late that night, I wrote for a while on a "comedic" sketch I thought we'd do on the show, maybe get Renee to voice the wife.  I don't know if it's funny in the slightest, but it's certain to piss someone off.


Rob Broughton said...

You guys are an inspiration. "I didn't have much time to write today because I was editing this other creative project, and to take a break I paint gifts for my family members. Oh, and my good friend has doubled his productivity in 2016 already, and has vowed to keep writing into March and onward."

I use the excuse that I get "creative fulfillment" at my job way too damn much. That's no reason to not be creative some of the other 16 hours a day.

Not sure if Rish Outfield is capable of internalizing, "You're an inspiration, man," but hey, give it a try. You earned it multiple times over.

Rish Outfield said...

I'm not sure I can internalize that either. I am trying hard to do what I can this month, but I can always do more. And of course, it's not the writing that's hard for me . . . it's doing something with the writing afterward that I've always struggled with.

I'm glad I inspire you, though. And I'll try not let you down with the days that remain.