Friday, February 17, 2017

Writing: February 15th & 16th

Words Written: 255
Total Words: 14,028

Not a great deal of writing on this day either.  I recorded the first Fake Sean Connery song for my Patreon supporters, and if there's a Zardoz in the heavens, it won't be the last.  I have gotten quite close to reaching the end of the novella, and if I had just forced myself to go to the library one more time (think I went on Tuesday, though I don't know if I blogged about it*), those blessed words woulda come and gone, and who knows what story I'd now be moving onto?

Words Written: 933
Total Words: 14,961

Today was the first day of the yearly writers conference that I've enjoyed going to since 2015 (the year I decided I'd write a novel), and I managed to get a few words in either before or during every panel.  Being around so many creative and/or passionate people has a positive effect on me, and I did wish a time or two that I could just sit down somewhere and write, especially in the couple of panels I got nothing out of.
But it's the first of three days, and if today was any indication, I will get close to eighteen grand or so by the end of this weekend.  That's pretty exciting, at least to me, even if half the people around me at the panels wrote that much THIS WEEK (or more).


*I sat down, mildly aware I had to use the restroom, and started typing (which is way easier, word count-wise than how I have been doing it), telling myself I'd write until I couldn't NOT go anymore, and then I'd hit the bathroom.
I always go up to the second floor now (ever since that day when the dude was screaming, "Stop fucking looking at me!" or whatever he was shouting), which is the Quiet Level, where people are told not to have conversations, not to talk on their phones (or even have them ring), and not to think about the Beastie Boys.  There are these little cubicles you can study in (or whatever else people do in libraries) and the guy next to me had headphones in, but they were turned up so loud, I not only could hear what songs he was listening to, but actually make out the lyrics.  Well, I found this extremely distracting, since the asshole listened to Lady Gaga, in addition to the more library acceptable Adele and Sia, and when I finally decided to bug out of there . . . I left him a parting gift in the form of a extremely nasty fart.

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