Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Writing: February 19th & 20th

Sadly, February is almost over, and this little experiment will pass into history.  I have another novella idea in me that has been itching to come out, and if I had a developed sense of ambition, I'd do my best to get the whole thing written before March begins. 

Unfortunately, even though I am rather amped to work after the writers conference, both Sunday and Monday the library was closed, and I couldn't run over there and force myself to write with no distractions.

Words Written: 275
Total Words: 16,441

My numbers are going to be quite pathetic these two days, because I spent a lot of my writing time finishing up a Dunesteef story recorded back in June, reading a children's book I'm going to be producing in audio soon, and I also made some revisions to my most recent short story . . . which doesn't really count as written words (though it could, if I was really good about tracking it).

That reminds me, I spend a little time each day writing on this blog, and couldn't I technically count that too?  Or is that just accounting, like counting up the numbers, or adding them to the ones before?

Words Written: 601
Total Words: 17,042

One of the speakers at one of the panels at one of the days at one of the writers conferences I've been to said that one of the things that he does with one of his writer friends (okay, I'll stop now) is that when they get together to hang out/eat/talk, they go to a Starbucks and sit down and force themselves to write for an hour before they say anything.  It seemed like such a crazy idea I suggested Big and I try it tonight when we got together, but as there are no Starbucks, a lot of places were closed due to hour and holiday, and the local librarian was a vocal anti-Semite . . . we decided to try it at the local Wendy's. 

We tried to get our talking out of the way, then for thirty minutes, only silence and only writing.

Well, it worked and it didn't work.  Just like telling someone not to think of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or when you take your fiancée to your parents place and they tell you absolutely cannot engage in any cunnilingus . . . well, that's the only thing you want to do.  I wasn't entirely productive, and I didn't finish my story as I intended to (in fact, I think I added six hundred words to it that got me no closer to the end), but hey, we both got our writing in.

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