Sunday, February 05, 2017

Writing: February 3rd and 4th

So, I've pledged to write every day in February.  Furthermore, I'm gonna try to keep track of y writing here . . . which, frankly, is more trouble than actually doing the writing.  I'm a lazy, lazy sod, kids.

Words Written: 1119
Total Words: 2063

I've been working on a story/novella I'm calling "A Mark on the Sky," and it's coming along pretty well.  Something like this would normally take me two or three months to write, but I'm hoping I can have it all done by March.  I've also got another tale in my head that I hope to get to before it flees completely--a Sci-Fi/Horror tale with a female protagonist.

Would be nice if I could just drive over to the library, go up to the second floor (which is the "quiet" floor where you're supposed to not use your cellphones [though unfortunately, people still do]) and force myself to write through to the end.  Maybe give the meanest-looking librarian my car keys and say, "Don't give these back to me until I show you the words The End in my manuscript."

Words Written: 1275
Total Words: 3338

Went to my nephew's basketball game this morning.  I often take my notebook with me and write in it when he's not playing (or if I get tired of watching his team fall behind), and today I got a couple pages in.  However, it can be a double-edged blessing, since I can get distracted by my notebook and miss the boy's ball-playing, or vice-versa.


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