Saturday, February 04, 2017

Chilly January

So, the month of January came and went, and it's time to see how I did with my goals.

1.  Write that "Sidekick" story.

Wow, I actually accomplished something.  I wrote it mostly in one sitting while working on a commercial (being an extra is great in that way, the one day I worked on a project in 2016 I wrote two-thirds of my story for Marshal's contest . . . which reminds me, I need to type that up.  A goal for February?).

I did write the currently-untitled Ben Parks story.  It is a prequel, set at San Domingo orphanage.  It will not be necessary to read in order to follow the main series (you know that movie ROGUE ONE?  Same thing), though it does introduce the villain who's going to bother Ben in the future.  We'll see.

2.  Record, edit, and re-record Abbie Hilton's new short story collection "When We Were Young." 

Done and done.

And done.  The re-recording always sucks because my voice quality changes from one day to another.  Right before typing this, I forced myself to narrate a story through to the end--even though my voice was getting raspy--because I knew that if I picked up the tale tomorrow it would not sound remotely the same.

But what's the alternative?  Getting it right the first time?  (middle-finger-emoticon)

3.  Publish the audiobook for "New Year's Day."

Damn.  That one I failed at.  I have the whole book uploaded.  All I had to do was select the five minute sample bit, but I forgot about it.  I'm super-close, though.

4.  Publish "Remember the Future."

Yep, that happened.  It's out there, remember . . . watching, waiting for its chance to strike.

5.  Record and edit the audio for "Remember the Future."

Recorded.  I thought about doing it as my Valentine's Day episode of the Rish Outcast.

But felt it would be too much work to get it all done in time.

Then I slapped myself for thinking of having a Valentine's Day episode.

Wow, if I ever meet someone who hates that holiday more than I do . . . I promise to give them a Valentine's card.

6.  Finally publish "Newfound Fame."

I don't know if I managed that or not.  I'm leaning toward . . . yes?

So, five goals out of six.  That's pretty good, even for a normal person.


Unfortunately, I set the goal of writing every day for February, so I don't dare set too many other goals.

1.  Write every day.
2.  Keep track of the words I write (and occasionally post them here).
3.  Record and edit AH's "Awake."
4.  Publish "Varcolac."

Except for the first one, I think those are pretty doable.

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