Thursday, February 09, 2017

Writing: February 7th & 8th

You remember my post the other day about painting a cheap Iron Man toy?  Well, my nephew loved it and wanted me to do one for him, so I went to the store and, whoa, they were even on cheaper clearance . . . so I bought them all.  Yeah.

I paint for ten or twenty minutes every day, and it's both relaxing and . . . creatively fulfilling.  Uh oh.  I can get the same sense of satisfaction I do from writing or podcasting just by putting blue paint on a red Iron Man.  So, I dunno.

Words Written: 3096
Total Words: 7650

Wow, kids, I really did it this time.  I had an hour or so free, so I drove to the library, sat down, and started writing.  Then I switched projects (I had found a plothole in a finished story and thought I might switch out a paragraph before it's too late), and wrote for a minute or so there.  But then I figured I'd jot down my notes for a third story, since it had been in my head and that sort of thing is fleeting...

But I didn't stop with the notes.  I just went ahead and wrote the beginning.  I still had ten minutes or so, so I figured I'd jump to the end and get that typed up.  But I realized that the ending would be better if I went back and set one thing up, so I jumped back to the beginning . . . and somehow typed the rest of the dang thing until it was done.  I realized I had gone way over my time, and well, I just shrugged and kept typing till I reached the end. 

So, another story done in 2017.  That's not saying it's any good, but let's deal with one challenge at a time.

Words Written: 406
Total Words: 8056

Not much here.  I could have gone back to the library, if I was feeling up to it (I could've ridden my bicycle too, if I was feeling up to that), and didn't do it.  Just a little bit in the notebook, and editing of podcasts.  Hey, at least I didn't do any painting.  Although it's not that late yet . . .

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