Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Writing: February 5th and 6th

Words Written: 707
Total Words: 4045

For some crazy reason, Sunday was beautiful weather-wise.  I had the option of cooping myself indoors to write (or edit podcasts and audiobooks), or go outside and enjoy the decidedly un-winter weather.  I did both, riding my bike for the first time in months but thinking about writing the whole time, then typing up what I came up with as soon as I got home.

I meant to get back to it later, but I was editing and ran out of time.  At least I had typed my writing, so I didn't have to go down the page counting words, which is even less fun than it sounds.

But I have said it before--having the extra step of typing up a story written in my notebook can be beneficial, since it's automatically a second draft.  There has never been a piece I've typed up that I transcribed exactly as it was in the notebook, there's always expansions, clarifications, and rephrasing as I go.  Not sure it's WORTH all the additional work, but there is that benefit.

Words Written: 509
Total Words: 4554

Today was the day when I go to all the parties down on my street.  I wash my hair and kid myself I look real smooth.  Because of that, I didn't have much time to write, so I sat down at that awful program Write Or Die and typed in 500 words in ten minutes.  Yeah, the damn thing did make the awful screeching noise two or three times, but I got through my words in record time, with two or three minutes left to sit here and think about how good Mister Pibb is.  Maybe more words tomorrow.

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