Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Writing: February 27th & 28th

At one point, seeing how close to the end of the month we are, I realized that . . . hey, I'm going to miss February when it's gone.  This writing-every-day thing has been enjoyable, and though counting up the words in my notebook has been like Chinese water torture, I've even enjoyed keeping track of the words and adding them up each day.  Heck, the blogging has been kind of fun.

I never would have guessed I'd be sorry to see February go.

Words Written: 1694
Total Words: 22,566

This was interesting day, writing-wise.  I had a few minutes in the afternoon, so I hurried over to the library and wrote for a while.  Then I had errands to do before I met with Big, and managed to mostly get those done in time to get together with him for our usual Monday night activity (okay, I was ten or fifteen minutes late, but ah well).

And as of last week, our Monday activity now includes sitting down in silence and writing, which Big was anxious to do again ("and every time," he proclaimed).  To show me he really means business, he brought headphones along to play music during our half hour of writing, in case I felt I had to speak to him, like I did last week.

He's been more productive in February of 2017 than he has in his whole life, writing-wise, and is planning on doubling his output in the month of March.  I'm not going to follow suit, but it would be a shame if I lost this momentum.  Last year at this time, I think I wrote daily for five or five-and-a-half weeks.  We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, I brought my laptop and plugged it in, and wrote another scene next to him, getting (I think) to the one-third point on my story.  I can't say for sure (though it would be just a matter of scanning through the posts), but I think that makes Monday the 27th my highest word count day of the month.*  When we were finished, Big said, "Do we quit, or should we keep going?"  And I have to admit, if he had wanted to keep going, I would have done so.  Could have been competition, could've been peer pressure, could have just been the thrill of creating something outweighing my own feelings of worthlessness.

Maybe people who go to the gym experience that kind of adrenaline rush, and the desire to push yourself past what your body would normally be capable of.  Of course, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy mutha f...

Words Written: 493
Total Words: 23,059

Well, this is sort of an out with a whimper sort of day, although I did write.  I sat in the car with my notebook and wrote for fifteen minutes, then I go out to get something to eat, but forced myself to sit back down and write for five more.  Then I did spend a few minutes typing up my story from last October ("Roll with the Changes"), and I didn't count any words I added (or subtracted, hey, it's possible.  But unlikely).

I'm writing this in the pm of the twenty-eighth, and I have to admit that I'm tempted to do a little bit more writing, see if I couldn't get it up higher.  But I've got to do some actual dollar-sign work.  Dang it.


Weird, but I couldn't let it go.  I did my work, then got together with my cousin for a little while for some dinner and conversation.  And then . . . instead of going to bed, I sat down and wrote for a few more minutes, despite the fact that it was past two in the morning when I stopped.

So, let me amend my numbers.

Words Written: 1403
Total Words: 23,969

That'll do, pig.  That'll do.

Rish Outfield, Writer of Words

*Alright, damn you, I did go back and check.  And there was the day that I was writing the climax of "Mark on the Sky," where I apparently wrote over three thousand words.  Sort of takes the helium out of my balloon there.  Thanks a lot, math.

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