Thursday, March 02, 2017

Freaky February

Well, that month went by quick.   I feel it went well, though.

I only set four goals for my February, knowing that the first one would be the big challenge.  Well, let's check it out.

1.  Write every day.
2.  Keep track of the words I write (and occasionally post them here).
3.  Record and edit AH's "Awake."
4.  Publish "Varcolac."

1. I did write every day in February, plus a few days before and after.  2. I hated having to count the words, but I sure enjoyed posting them.  More than twenty thousand words in a month is pretty not bad.  3. And "Awake" took very little time to get to Abbie, and hopefully is making her a dollar or two as we speak. 

4. I don't know if I accomplished that last one.  Probably not?

Weird.  I don't know what happened there.  I think what happened was, I finished the audio version, and wanted some beta listeners to go through it, checking for errors.*  But I never did.**

No excuse at all for not publishing the story on Amazon, though.

Okay, goals for March.

I'm going to keep writing this month, though it's not going to be my chief priority.  That should be publishing.

1.  Type up FIVE stories from notebooks.
2.  Publish THREE stories in text.
3.  Publish TWO stories in audio.
4.  Finish writing "Ten Thousand Coffins."
5.  Finish audio of first two books in AH's "Eve & Malachi" series.

Somebody told me that I get three extra days this month compared to last, so I should be able to manage to get it all in.  We'll see.

Rish Outfield, Chalupadale Resident

*That is a thing I'm gonna need to do from now on, since errrorrs just keep on slipping through.
**Let me know if you wanna be one.

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