Sunday, June 01, 2014

Rish's Live-Writing Exercise 2014: Take Two

A couple of months ago--probably February sometime--Big Anklevich challenged me to do a live-writing activity where we'd both write stories on our blogs, publishing them as we went each day until they were finished.  At the time, I had an idea for a plane crash story, and agreed to the challenge, except I was partway through a really lengthy story called "A Lovely Singing Voice" at the time, and I asked Big if we could hold off until that story was through.

He agreed, and I spent another two or three weeks finishing that monstrosity.  Once it was done, I wrote up a blog post explaining what we were doing, and wrote the first scene of the plane crash story . . . and then, I lost my notebook.  One day I had it, the next time I looked, I didn't have it.  I was much less freaked out about losing the plane crash intro, and as days turned into weeks and I realized "Lovely Singing Voice" was gone, I built it up in my head as the Greatest Work Of Art Mankind Had Thusfar Created, and wasted hours trying to figure out what might have happened to it, even dreaming the damned notebook reappeared one night.

Well, now it's June 1st, the deadline I gave myself for finding that notebook before declaring it lost.  I continued the plane crash story (in another notebook) and have almost finished it, but will have to rewrite the beginning again sometime, if I find more ambition.  In the meantime, I have put my name down for the Horror Addicts writing contest I enter every year, and the deadline for that bad boy is looming.

In the Masters of the Macabre contest, they give you three elements for a certain kind of story, and you're supposed to not only write a story using them, but produce a finished audio piece of it by their deadline.  As a fiction podcaster, I'm in a unique situation where I can record it and edit it quickly*, so I have that advantage.

The overall theme this year is "Creature Feature."  My three elements were:
1.  Location - Lighthouse
2.  Item - Camera
3.  Creature's Origin - Volcano

The deadline for the finished product is June 20th, so I'd better get off my duff and start writing.

Rish Outfield

*Though I doubt I'll have time to get Renee Chambliss to voice the main character this time around.

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Seraph said...

This sounds pretty cool Rish. Unfortunately I discovered the story just as I was going to check out for the day - I'll have to read what you've done so far tomorrow !