Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Rish Performs "Marked Men" by John Mierau on Audible

I'm currently in the midst of several long audiobook projects, but it's fun to do a short piece now and then, since they tend to take so much less time, and the turnaround is super-quick too.

John Mierau wrote a story called "Harlan's Wake" that Bryan Lincoln produced for us on the Dunesteef a while back, so when I saw John's name on a couple of titles in search of narrators, I actually sent him a message asking if I should audition.  One of the projects was a short Western story with supernatural elements, which is a subgenre I love, so I signed up, and not even a month later, here it is.
"Marked Men" tells of an Irish immigrant at the end of the Old West era, who has been cursed with The Mark, a demonic brand that delights in wickedness and burns when evildoers are near.  The story, in only a few pages, tells us how he got the mark, what he does with it, and what befalls a corrupt businessman and the men in his employ, some bad and some innocent.

The story is available at this link:

Rather unusually, for me, anyway, John did an interview with me about my . . . er, craft, and that should be going up soon.  You do not simply give someone like me a microphone and a list of questions, though.  Not if you want to get out of there in a timely manner.  Even so, John has it posted and ready to listen to

There are a couple of fun voices I got to do in this, and the story could easily be expanded to a much more epic work.  Who knows, maybe John will want me to ruin that one with funny voices too.

Rish Outfield

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