Sunday, June 22, 2014

Writing Exercise 9

I've written a bit, but I really have to honor my audiobook commitments.  Yesterday, I discovered that three chapters of the superhero book that was due in May were recorded, but somehow disappeared before I could edit them.  I woke up early and re-recorded them this morning (something I never do, probably not once since I began this), but felt like I was wasting my time while doing it, since the original recording will probably show up again in a couple of weeks.  The lament of the disorganized.  Sigh.

But I will try to get some of this on here tonight.  I promise.


            There was a hint of desperation in the girl’s voice, and Tanissa gave in.  “Yeah, if we’re not buying much, I could go.  Is the mall far?”
            “Only two or three miles.”

            “Miles?”  She didn’t mind walking a block or two, but there were plenty of blocks in three miles.

            “We aren’t gonna walk there,” Brekkyn said, as though Tanissa was being stupid . . .  again.  “Look, do you wanna go or not?”

            Tanissa didn’t know the answer to that question, but she finally shrugged.  Then nodded.

            Brekkyn put down her game controller and got a key out of her drawer.  “Do you have a scooter?”

            “I have a bike at my mom’s house.”

            “I wasn’t asking about your mom’s house,” Brekkyn said, putting the key back in the drawer.  “Are you up to walking to the bus stop?”

            Tanissa considered asking how far that was, but she thought her new friend didn’t look like someone who would walk more than a block or two.

            “I don’t have a bus pass.  Do I need one?”

            “Nope.  All taken care of.  Look, I gotta put on some sunscreen.  Gimmee a minute and we’ll be out of here.”

            The way she said it hinted she expected some sort of argument, but Tanissa said nothing, simply waited while the other girl sprayed Coppertone on her arms, neck, and face.

           They stepped out of her room.  Nobody was in the living room or kitchen.

            “Mom, we’re going out!” Brekkyn called.

            Her mother’s voice came from the bathroom.  “Okay.”

            And that was it, the girl just walked out the front door, Tanissa following.  She felt a bit guilty, sneaking away like that.  But Brekkyn seemed to have a very different relationship with her mother than, well, most did.  Tanissa’s mom would want to know where they were headed, who would be there, and when they were coming back.

            But Mrs. Manyon looked terrible, maybe she was sick and distracted by her misery.  “Is your mom alright?” she asked as they walked through the hall.

            “Why?  What was she doing?”  It sounded suspicious.  “In the bathroom, you mean?”

            Brekkyn stopped in her tracks, turning around slowly.  “Stay here,” she said, and stalked back to her door.  As she disappeared inside, Tanissa thought she had it all wrong with her new friend—clearly Brekkyn was concerned about her mother, even if she acted like a brat.

            Still, the way she’d marched in there, it was like a prison guard investigating an escape attempt, but that could’ve been a show she was putting on to impress her new friend.

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