Thursday, June 05, 2014

Live-Writing Exercise Update

So, I called Big up today and mentioned that in an episode of That Gets My Goat I was editing, we mentioned our shared challenge of writing a story live on our blogs, and he said, "By the time this airs, we'll have done that already."  So, I asked him what to do, and he responded that we would have to start the challenge on Monday.

I didn't know how to counter that, except to admit how lazy I am, so I accepted, and he's already mentioned it in his blog, so I can't worm out of it now.  The very reason for doing the writing in this public forum is so we're held accountable for the actual writing, and will reap praise or mockery depending on whether we do our part.

So, on Monday, June 9th, I'll be back here, hopefully managing a bit more than I did this week (on a different story, of course).


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