Friday, June 27, 2014

Live Writing Exercise 13

It isn't hard to copy and paste what I've written into a blogpost and publish it.  Or rather, it IS hard, but it shouldn't be.

I often give Big a hard time because he so struggles with posting episodes of the Dunesteef, where he needs to assemble the files, name them, create and attach episode art, upload them, and then create a post for them with all the links.  After all, "I did all the work."  Of course, I can't do the same with the Rish Outcast I've had finished for two weeks.  And worse, I can't even be arsed to stick in a few paragraphs from a Word file every day.  Sigh.


            There was a high-priced sunglasses store at one end of the mall, and Brekkyn wanted to go inside, but Tanissa claimed she needed a drink, so they got smoothies instead.  She wasn’t having fun, exactly, but it was nice to be outside and in the fresh air, and there were a couple of cute boys at the temporary tattoo shop that smiled at her.
            There was a small arcade right before you left the mall, and Brekkyn dragged Tanissa inside.  They had one of those big virtual roller coasters in the back, and it was apparently new, because Brekkyn apparently had to go on it.  It cost eight dollars a ride, and Tanissa blanched at that. 
            “Look, I went on one of these a couple of years ago, and they’re not that great,” she said.  “They just tip up and back and the screen shows tracks you’re not really riding on.”
            “I don’t care; I wanna ride on it.”  She marched in that direction.  “Look, there’s not even a line!”

            “Eight dollars is what a movie costs,” Tanissa argued, not really angry exactly, but on her way.  “More than a movie during the day. And that lasts two hours.  These are over in, like, five minutes.”

            “Tanissa, we’re going on it.  It’ll be fun.  Don’t make me mad, okay?”  It was strange that anyone could argue like this.  She didn’t even try to make points for her case, but simply stated what she wanted, then repeated herself.
            Tanissa felt for her phone.  “Look, I probably ought to go.  My dad said he was gonna get off ear--”
            And then, Tanissa was inside the compartment, snapping her seatbelt closed on her lap.  Brekkyn was by her side, and a pimple-faced attendant barely older than they were was closing the lid on it. 
            “Hey,” she began, “what--”
            Brekkyn made a delighted sound, and the music began to play.  The ride ended up being about eight minutes long--easy to do the math on that one—and a couple of the dips and turns were pretty exciting, but Tanissa still didn’t understand how she’d been convinced to go on it.
            The ride shuddered to a stop—the two girls the only passengers—and Brekkyn sighed theatrically, “We were lucky to survive that!”
            “Do you want to go on it again?” she asked.
            I didn’t want to go on it the first time, she thought, but did not say.  “No, don’t want too much of a good thing.”
            Brekkyn nodded.  “Well, if you could have too much of it, it wouldn’t be a good thing, would it?”
            Tanissa ignored her.  She took a quick moment to check her pockets, but what little money she’d brought was still there.

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