Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Suffering From Delusions of Grandeur?

By Thor, you'd better be.

Actually, I really ought to let people know about this show every time a new episode drops.*  Marshal Latham and I have a "Star Wars" related podcast that we try to do once a month, where we get together with a guest and talk about some aspect of the Saga.  It's probably a bit too irreverent, since I'm associated with it, but hopefully it's also entertaining to listeners.

The setup is a good one, since Marshal does the heavy lifting (like creating episode art and uploading the files), and we trade off the editing chores every other show.

I don't know how much gas is in the tank with this particular show.  It could be that we get tired of it, and it fades away in time, but it's also possible someone out there responds to it, and we end up doing it for a long, long time, eventually having guests on the show that actually worked on the Trilogy, like the dude who played the Gonk droid, or the guy who put the saliva on the Rancor monster, or the chap who said, "You Rebel scum" in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

You can find the podcast over at

Rish Outfield

*This is the second time I've created this blogpost, but I need to accept the fact that if I continue to compose my entries on AOL, it's going to save a blank file over a completed post every other month or so.

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Seraph said...

I like this podcast a LOT Rish. Really enjoyed all the episodes so far. I love talking about Star Wars and can happily listen to most people do the same though. The draw factor of you and Marshall is pretty strong though too !