Thursday, February 28, 2008

Buffy Season Five Followup Post

After my lengthy last post, I still wasn't done, so I went back to before I started blogging our Buffy Wednesdays and wrote an introductory post, and now I'm back here with a little coda.

Okay, I did my research and found out that "The Gift" was always intended to be the episode in which Buffy Summers died. And it was intended to be the last episode of the series.

I don't know if the contract was just for five years, or if he had A Five Year Plan like on "Smallville," but he planned on ending the series with the destruction of Sunnydale (from the portals opening) and Buffy's sacrifice to save the world once again.

But midway through the year, he received an offer from UPN to move the show over there, and decided he still had stories to tell. And I'll bet the money wasn't bad either.

And I forgot to give my favourite episode of the year.

"The Body" had to have been the best episode, with an emotional impact I can't imagine even the final episode will have, but I'm going to say the Spike origin episode, "Fool For Love," gets my pick for favourite. Scariest, as I've said, would have to be that repugnant little quellar demon from "Listening to Fear." Ick.

Maybe I should ask tyranist for his.

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