Friday, March 07, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

6 March 2008

Here at the Rosenschweig Institute for the Almost-Laughably Insane, they encourage us to stay busy with fingerpainting, crosswords, ping pong, bug-collecting, Solitaire, hair-braiding, blogging (which I have taken advantage of), cutting obituaries out of the newspaper and making collages from them, daytime soaps, Jenga, coloring books, Hanna Barbara-themed puzzles, sleep, shredding phone book pages, birdwatching, connecting straws to make one long straw, outdoor defecation, and various other arts and crafts. With clay, I had been trying to create something appropriate for a geek, yet easy enough for a novice to sculpt.

I thought maybe I'd make a Sentinel head, but decided a Sarlaac Pit from RETURN OF THE JEDI would be easier. Here is how it stands right now:
Ah, vagina dentata," Doctor Pruett said, while I was making it, patting me on the head before walking away. I was at least relieved he didn't say va-jay-jay. And I continued working on it.

But my uncle came the other day, and he saw it and said, "Hey, this is one of those monsters from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK movies." I was flattered that he recognised it, but thought it was very strange to refer to a STAR WARS creature as an ESB creature. I just don't remember anybody ever doing it before.

Wait, actually, that was a pretty unstupid thing. I like it quite a bit, really. In fact, I'm going to start referring to STAR WARS as THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK series/saga.

Never mind.

Rish "Holiday Special" Outfield

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Kate said...

Boy, I am so relieved he didn't say va-jay-jay.
That word is so gross....