Monday, March 31, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

You know how great it is in a movie or TV show when there's a character that rails against a certain kind of person, and then they do something and realise they've become what they most despise?

Well, yesterday, I was hanging out with Merrill, still trying to get him as excited about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as I've become. He mocked me for continuing to watch "Veronica Mars"--which I deserved--and explained that he hasn't really enjoyed the first few episodes of "Buffy"'s first season.

I told him how I didn't think they were all that special either, and that I never made it past the first disc when I lived in L.A., but that I've just discovered this past week that by episode six or seven, the show begins to fire on all cylinders and gets really good, I promise.

Somehow, though, we started talking about how I got into the show (oh, it was when he mocked me for starting Season Two of "Veronica Mars"), and how tyranist just pushed and pushed until I finally gave in and started watching "Buffy" (and VM) with him.*

I told Merrill that one of the things that contributed to me deciding to give "Buffy" one more try (which was actually try number three, as I've mentioned) was that we really got into this BBC/Sky One show called "Hex." "Hex" told the story of an astoundingly hot blonde (Christina Cole) in an English private school who finds out that she's inherited magickal ability and a destiny to fight against dark forces.

I told Merrill that I was lucky enough to see "Hex" before I saw "Buffy," so it didn't bother me that Cassie was pretty much "The Chosen One," and there was a dark, mysterious stranger who would show up from time to time, and that there's a really nasty bitch she goes to school with who eventually softens and joins the light side, or that her best friend is a lesbian who--

And Merrill said, "Wait, Willow is a lesbian? When did that happen?"

With that, I realised that I had become what I most despise. I tried to convince Merrill I was talking about Xander, but the damage was done.

As penance, I will go do actual work for, say, twelve minutes.

Rish "Self-loathing" Outfield

*I wish I had the same influence on tyranist to get him to do what I really want to do. But hey, there's gotta be losers in life to make you winners look all the better.

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