Wednesday, February 20, 2008

INDY IV trailer

So, I took my niece to see THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES on Monday. It was good to see her, as we haven't interacted much lately due to problems with her mother. I was surprised to find the 4:00 and 4:15 shows were sold out, and we scooped up tickets for the five o'clock show. Unfortunately, I got us there late and we wound up sitting on the front row (a place I delighted in sitting when I was a child and now detest almost as much as that middle-aged lady next to me sending text messages like a thirteen year old).

I had told her that there was a trailer I wanted her to see, and hoped that she would be excited by it. I showed her RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK not long ago and she really enjoyed it (which seems odd, since it's kind of a boys' movie), and now she's the same age as I was when I first saw RAIDERS. So, when the INDY IV trailer started up, I nudged her and told her this was the one (she had thought it might be HORTON HEARS A WHO before I dashed her hopes on the theatre floor). About halfway through, she leaned over and said, "Is he supposed to be old in this one, then?"

I realised that she saw INDIANA JONES I just a year ago, and had no way of knowing that it was a twenty-five year old movie. I laughed and told her "Yes," and asked if she wanted to go see it. She did, but not as much as HORTON HEARS A WHO.

Ah well. At least she didn't show any interest in SPEED RACER. There's still hope for her, I reckon.


Oh, I had meant to talk about the INDY trailer. There's not much I can say except, "Dammit, now they've made me want to see the movie." The movie I hoped they'd never make. The trailer is just so cool, though (CGI notwithstanding), and does feel crafted not to attract pre-teens to the theatre, but old codgers who remember when cinema-going meant something. And I appreciate that.

And at least they didn't stick in a song by Drowning Pool.

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