Thursday, February 07, 2008

Top Five Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Tyranist tried to convince me that Greedo wasn't a bounty hunter, but just one of Jabba's goons. I started to argue, but then remembered Han saying, "Next time come and see me yourself, don't send one of your twerps."* Somehow, tyranist convinced me instead of the other way around.

Even so, I consider myself a STAR WARS fan (even if I am a bitter fundamentalist), and I went ahead and asked people for their top five (or three, if they couldn't manage five) bounty hunters.

My cousin Ryan (now easily a bigger SW fan than me) was the first to respond. His list was:
1. Jango Fett
2. Boba Fett
3. Bossk
4. IG-88
5. Greedo
(or maybe Zam Wessel
I forgot one - Durge, from the Clone Wars cartoons - way cooler than Boosk and IG-88. Is it too late to bump Bossk and IG-88 down and put Durge at 3?
I suppose I've got to make a list too. Mine would have to be:
1. Boba Fett
2. Bossk
3. IG-88
4. 4-LOM
5. Zuckuss

Actually, I like Bossk almost enough to list him first, as he got way less exposure than "our new friend Boba" did.

Ian the non-evil Sony lawyer wrote:
Are there five? Wow. Here are the ones that I like:
1. Boba Fett
2. Greedo
3. Jango Fett
(don't really like him much, but that's all I got)

Jeff the sex doctor was the second to respond. He also included a strange symbol (:^P) that I've been unable to decipher.
1. IG88
2. Greedo
3. boba fett

Prison guard John has great respect for bounty hunters, as they bring him new neighbours. His list:
1 Boba Fett
2 Bossk
3 Dengar
4 Jango Fett
5 Greedo

Beta Ray Charles wrote:
5. IG-88
4. Boussh
3. Greedo
2. Bossk
1. Boba Fett

Which I just realised is in backwards order.
And Merrill wrote:
1. Boba Fett
2. IG-88
3. Bossk
4. Boussh (this was actually only a disguise, but I thought it was cool)
5. Greedo

I thought I was all done, then my buddy Dennis, from childhood wrote me back with his list (I was amazed to hear from him, but hey, STAR WARS brought us together, it would seem that thousands of miles can't keep us apart). It was:
Boba Fett
Jango Fett
Fifth is a toss up . . . Bossk.

So, adding them all up, it appears our winners were:
1. Boba Fett
2. IG-88 (amazing)
3. Bossk
4. Greedo
5. Jango Fett
6. Cindel Towani

I think I got responses from everybody this week, but dang, I sort of wish I had more people to ask. When the answers are so different, it's fun to see . . . well, answers that are different.Rish "He's no good to me dead" Outfield

*I'd get the quote exactly right, but I don't watch that version of the film.

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