Monday, February 04, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

So, the Super Bowl was yesterday, and I tried my best to watch it. Not because I'm a fan of football--god, no--or one of the teams, or was in a big group of people watching it and getting good and drunk. No, I watched it because I had a few bucks riding on the game. My uncle had placed bets for everybody, including his brothers, my brother, and even my mom, so I got in on the action too, even though I have less money right now than . . . well, than whoever's reading this blog, I'd wager (unless the homeless now get internet access, which is possible*).

And speaking of wagers, the game was actually quite compelling, if only because the Patriots were heavily favoured to win, and the Giants kept the game really close. And then, toward the end, even though the Patriots have a perfect winning streak going this season, the Giants made an extra touchdown and won the game. My mother was disappointed about it and I apologised for getting her into the gambling mindset (though it was really her brother who deserves the blame), feeling bummed out that the Giants won, 17 to 14, and we lost.

So, tonight, I scrounged up some cash and went to my uncle, to give him what I owed him, and he said, "Nah, just wait till I collect the winnings, and you can pay me then."

To my embarrassment, I'd forgotten that I (and my mom) had bet not on the Patriots, but on the spread (which was an extra-generous twelve points). So, not only should I not have cared that the Patriots lost, I shouldn't have cared who won (as long as it wasn't by a dozen points).

Only I could be a winner, and still end up a loser.

Rish "And What A Loser" Outfield

*And if you are homeless, what are you doing reading my blog right now? Might I suggest you check out or

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ryanlb said...

It's a good thing I didn't let you convince me to put my money on the Dodgers, cause I'd have lost big time.