Thursday, October 07, 2010

Unstupid Thing of the Week

Jeff bought the Blu-Ray of FIGHT CLUB, and neither of us had watched the film in far too long. So, he put it in the player and we chatted while the damn machine spends its five minutes loading the disc, and another two as the disclaimers and warnings cycled through. Finally, it was time for the menu proper.

But to our surprise, it was the menu for NEVER BEEN KISSED. Drew Barrymore blushed at us, along with options to watch the movie, scene select, or check out special features. "What the hell?" Jeff said, and I told him, "You must've put in the wrong disc." Before he could explain that he didn't own NEVER BEEN KISSED, and it must've been some kind of manufacturing error, the screen pixelated and became the actual menu for FIGHT CLUB.

It was all just a cruel bit of Tyler Durdenesque subversiveness on the DVD producers' part, and I have to applaud them for it.


P.S. There was a lovely little feature where David Fincher, Edward Norton, and Brad Pitt are on a Spike TV awards show, being given a statuette for their work in that film. Upon hearing that Mel Gibson is the one presenting them with the award, Norton tells Fincher he'll give him five thousand dollars if he'll say, "Thanks, sugartits," to Gibson onstage. Fincher refuses, and Pitt says, "I'll do it." Then they show the actual presentation, and Brad Pitt actually does it.

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