Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tom Bosley

So, "Happy Days" and "Father Dowling Mysteries" star Tom Bosley died this week. He was 83 years old. I wasn't going to say anything to mark the occasion, but I ultimately reconsidered.
In 1998, my favorite teacher took me and a couple other students to tour the new Sony Pictures Studio lot (formerly MGM). I saw two celebrities during the tour, and one of them was Tom Bosley. There was some kind of luncheon going on, just beyond where he was sitting, and he was mingling with other guests. "Wow, I thought, he's old. I'll never get old. Never." My teacher suggested I go over and say hello to him, and I did.

I told him I'd been a fan of his since I was a little boy, and he thanked me, and went about his day.

It didn't make that big an impression on me one way or the other, but when I told my roommate Chris about it, he said, "Wow, I'd be blown away if somebody told me that. But he must hear that every day." What would it be like to have someone tell you you were great, or funny, or beloved every single day? To have strangers do it? I thought about the girls I knew who were beautiful and knew it, and the ones that seemed surprised when somebody told them that. I wondered what that would be like.

Still do.

Rish "I told you it wasn't much" Outfield

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