Saturday, October 30, 2010

Abbie's Folly

So, Abbie Hilton over at her Cowry Catchers website had such a positive reaction to her podcast novel (which I've played a couple minor roles in), that she decided to add some premium content. She wrote a story set in that universe (that I also did a voice on), and made people pay to read it, or listen to her reading of it, or listen to a full-cast version of it. And people apparently were more than willing to do so.

What's crazy, though, is that she decided to do some kind of profit-sharing deal with it, so that the people who contributed voicework would "earn" money with each purchase of the story.

To my horror, Abbie sent me the first payment today. I figured she'd send me a check for nine cents, that I would treasure always, but holy cow, it was more than I got paid for my last two stories combined. Why she didn't just keep the money and claim there weren't any profits, like New Line Cinema did, I'll never know.

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Abigail Hilton said...

Heheheh. Aw, I'm glad it was more than 9 cents. I didn't know what to expect when I put the story up, so I was a little afraid of that. Happily, multiple dollars were made by all. :)