Friday, October 22, 2010

Slumber Party Hearty

For old times' sake, Jeff and I watched the three SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE flicks this week, discussing what worked and didn't work in each one. If you recall--and there's absolutely no shame in proclaiming that you don't--these are Roger Corman-produced Slasher flicks (all directed by women) where the killer uses an electric drill to dispatch his victims.

The second film is far and away the worst (that's the one where the killer has the drill attached to a guitar and dances and sings), forcing Jeff to turn it off three or four times (and finally starting on another movie to cleanse the palate), but none are classics, and really only have the nostalgia factor of "those at those clothes" and "I remember when I first saw this movie . . ." They're really not remarkable movies, even placed against other Slasher flicks from the Eighties.But what was genuinely remarkable--and the only reason I'm blogging about it--was the forty minute documentary on the trilogy's new DVD. They get the directors and assistant cameraman and a couple of the actors and the grip trainee into the interview chair and they talk about their accomplishments in their respective film . . . as though they were accomplishments.*

The greatest/most surreal moment came when one of the actors wistfully said, "They sure don't make movies like SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE III anymore." And there was no irony anywhere in the room.

Rish "Jazzercise Party Massacre" Outfield

*To be fair, I'm sure the movies all made loads of money, so that is an accomplishment.

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