Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gleeky Horror

I just heard "Glee" is doing an all ROCKY HORROR episode next week.

I saw the promo, then I quickly listened to the soundtrack that somehow already exists, and I was filled with an amazing sensation of jealousy.* I don't really even get it, since I don't work on the show, never have, and couldn't participate if I wanted to (not to mention that I haven't been in high school for, what, nine years now. And that was merely playing a high school student).

What's more, I fully recognize that the show isn't a documentary, that none of these people exist, and that the show's not remotely like a real glee club would be (which I was too chicken to audition for in my own high school anyway) and it's not even a show I love (in fact, I don't know if there has been a single episode I didn't complain to Jeff during).

But I do love the ROCKY HORROR songs, and maybe it's just the knowledge that someone out there is getting paid to sing "Dammit Janet" and I got nobody.

Great, now I'm depressed again.

Rish Outfield From Transexual Transylvania

*Amazing because of the subject matter, not the emotion. I'm usually pretty jealous to begin with. Even of you.

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