Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing Resolution 4

Alright, I forced myself to write a little story, then spent thrice as long making it exactly one hundred words long. Happy now, muse?


Rebecca sat Dani down at the kitchen table. "You can do this, honey," she assured the toddler, and held up the first flashcard. "Tree!" Dani said. "Good. Next?" This card had a sports car on it. "Car!" The next was of an elephant. "Efant!" Rebecca made her daughter pronounce it correctly, then held up the next flashcard. "Fish!" Next: "Sun!" Next: "Candy!" Rebecca held up another one. Dani looked at it for a moment, puzzled. Then tears sprang to her eyes. "Monster!" the child wailed. Rebecca turned the flashcard around. How had a photo of Glenn Beck gotten in there?

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