Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing Resolution 1

Unfortunately, my first attempt at writing a drabble ended up being two hundred and forty words long. Damnation.

And no, I'm not going to hack and slash it just to fit into a silly arbitrary goalpost. It's hard enough for me to actually do this every day. So, here's "drabble" number one:


Carlitos had been much calmer since we'd gotten the birdfeeder. Usually so hyperactive and demanding, my son now sat in his little Mighty Thor throne and stared out the window while I got my work done. Every once in a while, the boy would laugh and say, "A red one!" or "Ohh, that one's big!" And when I sent off my first assessment, I came into the living room and joined him. Sparrows, robins, starlings, and finches all lit on the feeder at one point or another, enjoying the nuts and seeds we had loaded in there the day before. I tired of it quickly, but Carlitos stayed in his observation seat rather than watching the TV or wanting to play video games. The feeder had been a wise investment, and I mentally thanked my Aunt Gretchin for suggesting it.I was washing the pizza tray at the sink that evening when I heard a strange noise at the window. I was surprised to see several squat, lumpy creatures with luminous eyes climbing down the chain and gathering on the birdfeeder to examine it. One of them tasted a sunflower seed, spat it out, and chittered to the others. I suppose they were goblins, I don't know what else to call them. One of them noticed me watching them and the whole group turned and fixed me with such baleful, sad expressions that I found a lump growing in my throat. I stepped away from the window.

Carlitos woke me early the next morning, standing beside my bed. "Daddy, why is there raw meat tied to the birdfeeder?" he asked.

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Big Anklevich said...

I've heard you have a thing for raw meat. That, if it was up to you, every piece of video on the news would include at least a frame or two of raw meat video.