Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week (sorta)

A young cousin came over today and showed me how, through the magic of the internet, I could get the soundtrack to INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM in mp3 form. I had the record as a boy, and still feel a heck of a lot of fondness for the movie* and its music.
So, I downloaded the soundtrack (my cousin told me that they're not called "soundtrack"s anymore, but that I had to search for them under "OST"s. That mildly irritated me), and just started listening to it while doing some paperwork. Well, the title track started up (the one called "The Temple of Doom") and I was reminded of, several years ago, how I had made a cassette tape of several of my favourite John Williams movie tracks, and had taken it with me away from home. I would put it and other instrumental tapes on quietly at night to put me to sleep (I still do it with the SAVING PRIVATE RYAN soundtrack), thinking nothing of it.

Well, one night, a new roommate of mine turned on the light and started to rouse the others about what was playing. He became somewhat hysterical that I was listening to a cult of devil worshippers reciting their chants to Father Satan, and instead of laughing the incident off, it made me rather angry with the new roommate.

I handled it the best way I knew how: instead of explaining what the source of the music was, I began to mutter "Kali Ma protects us, we are her children."

Rish "Short Round" Outfield

*Which reminds me: I put the DVD in the other week, just to test out my sound system, and ended up watching TEMPLE OF DOOM all the way through to the end, really surprised by how great it is, after all of these years. And after all your many insistences that it's not a very good movie. It's nice to be right for a change.

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