Saturday, November 09, 2019

"The Night Clerk" Available On Amazon

I finally managed to get the second story in my "Dead & Breakfast" series published*, and I hope somebody out there likes it.  Even if they are dead.

Especially, I suppose, if they are dead.

"The Night Clerk" tells the story of Natalie Whitmore, the newest hire at the Noble Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Vernon, Idaho.  She is interviewed for the job, and sworn to secrecy about what she witnesses there, but is never explained why.  She meets Mason Bradley, the other desk clerk on the night shift, and evennnnnnntually, she gets to find out what's so special about that particular B&B.

I really had fun writing this one, and world-building a little bit, and just editing it this week made me think of new questions and gave me a couple of new ideas.  There were three years between the first story and the second, and only weeks between the second and third, so who knows what will happen next?

Even though the above cover is pretty good for one of mine, Gino Moretto came through and made me a better one.  I'm swapping them out now.

HERE IS THE LINK to the story over on Amazon, or you can wait a year or so before I run it on the podcast.

I have completed the audio version, and as you know, that always takes much longer.  As it stands, I'm trying to decide whether to publish "Night Clerk" by itself, with the other two stories, or write a quick fourth story that I can put out in an audiobook containing all four.  Feel free to let me know what I should do.

Rish "The Shite Clerk" Outfield

*This was supposed to be published before "Touching the Other Side," but when my plans to run it for the Halloween episode of my podcast, I switched their release order and focused on getting TTOS out there first.

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