Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disturbing Thing of the Week

So, my uncle must have had a late date the other night, 'cause he said he was driving past my house at four o'clock the other morning. He came by the next day and asked, "Did you get locked out or something?"

I didn't understand.

"'Cause I saw you sitting on the lawn when I drove by," he said. "A few minutes later, on my way back, I drove past again . . . and you were gone."

Well, I assured him that I was asleep by four Monday night/Tuesday morning, but he just laughed and gave me the old "if you SAY so . . ." look. But I wasn't out at that time, and I certainly wasn't sitting out on the lawn.

Makes me wonder who it was, what they were doing . . . and even more disturbing . . . if they were, in fact, me somehow.

If there's not a story in there somewhere, well then, I don't have the imagination I thought I did.

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