Monday, February 23, 2009

Stupid Thing of the Week: Part III

or "The Best Thing About Senility is You Get To Hide Your Own Easter Eggs."

So, I was driving to the an Oscar get-together yesterday, when something reminded me of an old show or story I couldn't quite place. You know the one, there's the married couple and the wife begins talking in her sleep at the same time each night, and he starts to pay attention and she knows things she couldn't possibly know, secret things and future things, and when the husband asks her about it, she has no memory of saying any of those things. Sounds familiar, right?

Well, I kept thinking about it, trying to figure out if it was an old "Twilight Zone" episode (it was in colour in my mind, so no), or a Richard Matheson story (I could see the bedroom where they slept, so it was probably something visual), or an episode of "Amazing Stories" or "Tales From the Darkside" or a movie (I couldn't remember the actors though). And then I remembered the reason the husband first woke up to hear her sleeptalking and I realised something chilling: this was a story I wrote.

What was it called? When did I write it? Where was I when I wrote it? What inspired it? Did I finish it or was it abandoned?

So, I came home and looked it up on the computer. Yes, it was one of my stories, and yes, it is unfinished. But worst of all, according to the date-stamp, I last worked on it in September of 2008.

Never get old, kids.

Rish Out . . . something

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