Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stupid Thing of the Week

Around here, they have these machines called Red Boxes. They're DVD rental vending machines, where you put in money and pick from, I don't know, a hundred titles or so. Well, I went by one of those Red Boxes the other day, and they had a new, awful-looking direct-to-video Steven Segal film there, entitled PISTOL WHIPPED.

I looked at it for a second, then walked away, my appetite for renting something mysteriously evaporated.

Now, I don't really care that it's a Steven Segal movie so much (though that alone ought to qualify this for a STOTW), or even that he looks cross-eyed on the cover (I'll try and find a cover scan to stick on here). I just found "Pistol Whipped" to be a really stupid title.And maybe it isn't. Maybe it's just me. But I'm going to count it anyway.

Rish "Cool Whipped" Outfield

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ryanlb said...

You should have rented it, you know I want to watch it with you now.