Monday, November 28, 2016

In the Hands of an Angry God

We had a really hard windstorm the other afternoon.  The wind blew hard enough to knock over (full) garbage cans and the basketball backboard in the yard.

But the real destruction occurred at my nephews' elementary school, where no fewer than seven full-sized trees blew over, completely unearthing the bases.

Three trees lay in a tidy row right by the road, causing a lot of passersby to slow and gawk, or to get out and take photos.

The fallen trees stayed there for days, and sit there still.  I took the nine year old with me to take some pictures and video, but alas, whenever he shot anything, it was with the dreaded Vertical Video Syndrome, so only my footage is usable.

Not quite the way I would have expected to go.

Most amusingly, though (to me, not to everyone else, of course) was that one tree fell directly on the children's playground area, almost as if it had aimed for it.

Playtime's over, boys.

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