Thursday, December 01, 2016

Rish Outcast 57: Rest Stop

(written months back, then shelved until winter came 'round again)

Although it's easier (and takes less courage) to just produce episodes of me driving and talking about whatever comes into my head, I thought I'd present another story on the Rish Outcast.  This one is called "Rest Stop," and I highly doubt anybody will like it.  But hey, it's got a dog in it.  Dogs are cool, right?

Yes.  Dogs are cool.

If you're up to downloading the episode, Right-Click on this here link.


Journey Into... said...

I liked Rest Stop. It reminds me a bit of that Stephen King vampire story you shared with me, well basically just the strange scary woman in the snow element. I also thought it would be cool if this was the same character from Old Man River. The young gas station attendant has grown up, found love, and is now divorced, alone with his dog. The woman in the snow could somehow be related to the old man from the first story. I also thought about the Nightfall episode "Welcome to Homerville" that I played on Journey Into... a couple years ago.

But putting all of my associations asside, I like this as a stand-alone story. The woman is sufficiently creepy; and I thought you did an excellent job dealing with the character's state of mind after waking up and trying to get back to the truck. I was like, "No, man, get up! You're going to die if you rest in the snow! Get Up!" Good job, Rish.

Rish Outfield said...

Thanks, man. This one isn't really connected to anything previous, but Adrian from "Old Man River" did show up in two recent stories, "MagiClaw" and "Remember the Future," so his tale may not be finished yet. Who knows?

I went back to listen to that episode of "Journey Into..."/"Nightfall," and it was cool to hear you talk about your truck driver dad, though I thought everybody had had at least one creepy experience whilst driving at night. I do have to admit I didn't really get "Welcome to Homerville." Audio drama is hard to pull off, and I guess I missed the point of that one.

Journey Into... said...

Yeah, "Homerville" kind of falls apart at the end, or doesn't really have and end. It's pretty much all build up, but what I take from it is that on a certain stretch of road, at night, there was a siren type of woman who claims late travelers.