Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rish Outcast 59: Stormy Weather (Part 1)

So, sometime around the beginning of spring, Rish went for a walk and presented a story set in the dead of winter.  It's called "Stormy Weather," and it's been sitting around, waiting for the snows to come again.

Please forgive the incessant clicking and planes going on overhead.  Of course, 'twouldn't be the Outcast if the sound was excellent.

*If you don't wanna wait to hear the rest of the story, go HERE to buy it, or HERE for the text version.

*Rish 'n Big's "The Spirit of Christmas" episode over at the Dunesteef.

*Music in this episode was "Ossuary (Air)" by Kevin McLeod of

If you feel up to it, go ahead and Right-Click HERE to download the episode.  And bundle up!


Reuxben said...

Hello, I'm a relatively newish fan...I believe I found the Dunesteef from a listing of podcast recommendations some months ago or as a cross reference on a story or something, but only much more recently discovered your individual podcast(s). Anyway, I'm working through the archives, but just wanted to write in, as someone basically totally outside of the regular Dunesteef community, to tell you that your stories (and general storytelling as you're walking/driving along) are wonderful and that I strongly, strongly feel your reservations about them and your abilities are unwarranted and even baffling...please have no doubt that you are surely skilled, clearly practiced, and absolutely deserving of any successes you achieve (and more). I hope 2017 is a year of ambition for you, or at least (and more importantly?) the outward implementation of it, despite what timorousness may fester within (us all).

Also, you sound like a grittier, more versatile John Hodgman. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but there you go. Best wishes from Japan!

Rish Outfield said...

Wow, Reuxben, this comment really made my day. Of course, I'll forget about it in moments, but for now, thank you! I found the Rish Outcast more and more rewarding in 2016, and I imagine there will be tons more episodes in 2017 too (I've already got two more ready to go).

I continue to be afraid to put out my stories, but I think that fear is much smaller than it was when I began. At this rate, by the time I'm ninety, I'll be pretty confident in myself and my abilities . . . and about ready to start my career.

But even if one of the tales I produce on this show isn't to your liking, I hope every listener is at least entertained by SOMETHING in every episode.