Sunday, November 06, 2016

I Perform "Into the Woods, With Zombunny" On Far-Fetched Fables

A long while ago, I recorded a performance of a rather farcical lil fairytale called "Into the Woods, With Zombunny" by Camille Griep, for the Far-Fetched Fables podcast. And it looks like it got released last week, without me noting it.

Do you remember the "Fractured Fairy Tales" they had on the old Bullwinkle show? Well, I believe Ms. Griep's story would fit in there quite nicely. I don't imagine I could ever write one myself, but they are quite fun to perform.

You can find it at this link, and I'm fairly sure you'll enjoy it.


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Rish Outfield said...

Well, I had a childhood bunny that would sometimes talk to me (and urge me to do harm to people in the neighborhood), and I patterned its voice after that.

What did you think of the bunny voice?