Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Rish Outcast 55: Into the Furnace - Post-Mortem

So, earlier this year I published my first novel, and did two episodes about it (one about the print version and one about the audiobook).  This is the third (and final) episode dealing with "Into the Furnace," which you can buy RIGHT HERE.  If you've any intention of reading the book, please do so before listening to this "Outcast."

This is the show where I talk about the story's origin, the process, its central conceit, and my struggles with whether to reveal that central conceit and perhaps sell a few copies, or keep it a secret and honor the author's artistic intent . . . for the four people who read it anyway.

Again, there will be spoilers, though not about the ending to the book, just the ending of THE SIXTH SENSE and THE VILLAGE.

Again, I'd like you to buy the book (at this LINK), or better, the audiobook (right about HERE).  If you've read it, this episode works better.

Oh, I just remembered, I was gonna call this "It Has A F**king _____ In It!"  Well, too late now.

Feel free to download the episode by Right-Clicking this LINK.

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