Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lucky Find

Big emailed me tonight to see if I still had a (disturbing) photo I had doctored of his children as serial killers (don't ask).  But in looking through old pictures, I saw the ones of my work in the Lucky the Leprechaun costume from a decade ago.  It had always bothered me that the only photos I had contained an irritating watermark over them, and I wondered if normal ones existed.

Then I remembered this thing called the Internet.  I did an image search, and immediately, I found this picture of me and Neil Patrick Harris:
Which is different than the one I own.

I did another search, and found one of me and Jeff Daniels (again, better than mine):
Me with Dominic Purcell:

Me, with everybody's pal, Andy Dick:

And, oddly, this picture of Frankenhooker:

Yes, this was a better use of an hour than writing.

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