Friday, May 13, 2016

My Story "Rest Stop" Available in Text & Audio

"Rest Stop" is available to buy, either in text form at Amazon, or in audio form at Audible.  Links in the previous sentence.

This is a very simple short story about a man and his dog on a road trip.  It wasn't written long ago* but I can't remember what inspired it.  Maybe nothing did.  Is that possible?

I'm really trying to publish more of my short stories, even though it seems like an overly painstaking, thankless task.  I enjoy writing them, enjoy (to a lesser extent) editing/rewriting, and enjoy recording the audio versions.  But formatting them, sending them out to be evaluated, uploading the files and descriptions for sale, pricing, editing the audio, uploading that, and creating cover art?


Speaking of which . . .  A guy at work this week revealed that he's not only an amateur artist, but is enormously talented at it.  I mentioned that I ought to get him to do a cover to one of my stories, and he seemed totally interested.  You and I both know that's not going to go anywhere.  Sigh.


*In fact, I was looking through the notebook it was written in today and found the following paragraph: "Dunesteef sketch.  Big Anklevich is accepted to the Xavier School due to his ability to score with hot chicks."  Had no memory of that one either.  But it would've been a heck of an opportunity to do inappropriate Patrick Stewart lines.

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