Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rish Outcast 42: "Oh Honey, Your First Novel!"

Well, this has been a long time in coming.

This post serves as a blog entry, and as a way to present another episode of my solo podcast, both with the same goal: to announce the publication of my first novel, "Into the Furnace."  I nearly called it "A Premise With Promise," but . . . well.*

It's not a long one, but I've been working hard on it the last few weeks, to get it out there, and in a condition that doesn't mortify me on the level of naked baby photos or police stoplight footage.

"Into the Furnace" tells the story of Sheriff Will Ford, who leaves a dead wife and a struggle with the bottle behind him, and moves out to New Mexico Territory to take over as the law in Bendo's Furnace, a small mining town that just keeps getting smaller.  It turns out that people (not to mention local animals and valuable livestock) just keep disappearing out there, and if anyone knows what's happening, they're not talking.

It's what I've been told is a Weird Western, which means a genre story (in this case, a bit o' Horror and Fantasy) in an Old West setting.  The text version is available on Amazon.com right now at THIS LINK, with an audio version to follow (I'll drop another blogpost/podcast when that becomes available).

I would greatly appreciate it if you'd go buy my book, and I'll put a discussion forum link HERE, just in case.

If you'd like to listen to the first chapter of the book, as well as hear me talk about it while trying not to spoil anything, here's another Rish Outcast:

Or you can RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the episode for later consumption.

*After that, this was called "Oh George, Your First Novel!"  But I discovered Lorraine actually says "Honey," which will make the reference a bit harder to catch.


AspiR said...

First chapter sounds great, introduces the protagonist and opens the story up with a mystery but doesn't give anything away. Unfortunately, it'll be a while before I have the opportunity to acquire this story, but I'm proud of you for sticking to it. Releasing your first novel is no small feat and let's not forget that you would have found the idea laughable a year or two ago.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America considers this a novel. If it's long enough to qualify as a novel for the Nebula award, it's good enough for me. Besides, it isn't the length that matters, it's what you do with it.

Tom Tancredi said...

How do I buy the book?

Also, to confirm - if I buy Rest Stop with cash money, I don't have to use a credit right?

Rish Outfield said...

You can buy the e-book on Amazon at the link I provided (which is http://www.amazon.com/Into-Furnace-Rish-Outfield-ebook/dp/B01FDF3FJO), or you can wait till Audible approves the audiobook. When that happens, I will do a new blog post and Rish Outcast episode.

As far as "Rest Stop" goes, because it is short, it would behoove you to just buy it with cash, so you don't waste (or "waste," if you prefer) your Audible credit. "Into the Furnace" will be a regular-sized audiobook by Audible's stands.

Tom Tancredi said...

Hey Rish,

I'm going to wait until Audible approves "Into the Furnace" and then listen to it. I read "Birth of a Sidekick" and then heard your audio of it, and I *relished* the audio version over the written version. Oh man, I wished I had waited. But we are merely human, am I right?

In any case, I'm going to use what little discipline I have and hold off "Into the Furnace" until I can get the right version.


blogspot user said...

Rish. Wtf music is on this episode?! Can't wait to get the book... but monster up my legs? Seriously I need answers

Rish Outfield said...

This was an effed up song that was featured in an episode of "Louie." It just sounds like a normal song, maybe something from the Big Band Era, but if you listen closely, you discover it's first about evil babies, and then, all about diarrhea. It was made up for the show, but you'd think I'd written it myself, or paid someone talented to write it.

Thanks for reminding me; I need to use it in my next episode too.