Friday, April 29, 2016

Rish Outcast 41: The Hocking Dead

This is a quick episode I scraped together to tell you a recent tale of happy fortune, sing a little song, and mention my latest story.

Next episode'll have to be about my book, I guess.

Or I could keep procrastinating.

HERE is where you'd Right-Click, if you wanted to download the episode directly.


AspiR said...

It speaks to your character that you gave Jeff the money, even though the comics were given away and destined for the garbage. It would have been perfectly acceptable for you to keep the haul to yourself, but then you had to have that obvious cha-ching ringtone arouse suspicion. You really blew it-- I mean, you're a real decent fellow, Rish.

Rish Outfield said...

I hope it doesn't sound self-serving to include the part where I gave Jeff the wad of cash. I just thought it was a nice capper to the story.

I didn't tell about the deadbeat bidder who didn't pay for his auction, or the angry email from the guy who didn't think I mailed the comics safely enough (even though I required a signature before he could take the package, and paid for insurance). I wanted this to be a wholly positive tale.